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Nirvana – Nirvana
Nirvana – Nirvana
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Nirvana – Nirvana

Fuck hit records!

„Six strings, 24 notes that repeat the same scale after 10, usually based on 4/4 time signature, Rock and Roll: 30 years = Exhausted! The success! The guilt! Oh I feel so incredibly guilty! I like to fuck sheep. Punk rock means freedom!“


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„Nirvana sees the underground music seen as becoming stagnant and more accessible towards commercialized major label interests. Does Nirvana feel a moral duty to change this cancerous evil? No way! We want to cash in and suck butt of the big wigs in hopes that we too can get high and fuck. Yeah, I know, I’m a confused, uneducated, walking cliché but I don’t need to be inspired any longer, just supported. I use bits and pieces of others personalities to form my own. I love my parents yet I disagree with merely everything they stand for. I am not gay although I wish I were just to piss of Homophobes. I like to fuck sheep. Punk rock means freedom!

I kind of feel like a dork, writing about the band and myself like this as if I were an American pop-rock icon, demi God or a self confessed product of pre-packaged, corporate rebellion. But I’ve heard so many insanely exaggerated wise tales and reports from my friends and I’ve read so many pathetic, second rate, freudian evaluations from interviews, regarding our personalities and especially how I’m a notoriously fucked up heroine addict, alcoholic, self destructive, yet overly sensitive, frail, meek, fragile, compassionate, soft spoken, narcoleptic, neurotic, little piss ant who at any time is going to O.D, jump off a roof and wig out, blow my head off or all three at once because I can’t handle the success! The success! The guilt! Oh I feel so incredibly guilty!

Music journalists are people who are paid to find as many interesting anectodes of a musicians personality, and if there isn’t enough they must spice it up and if it isn’t still spicy enough which is almost always the case then, in steps the editor. So once again a journalist is almost always at the mercy of the editor. Ironically journalists are the ones who obsessively try to prove that the musician has no control over their own creativity and is dictated by their record company and the biggest and most overly used cliché of the journalists, although it’s too true to ignore, is the fact that most journalists have no idea of what it’s like to write a song, play an instrument or know what it’s like to perform on stage in front of people.

Record store chains and radio play it safe, target audience, what sells, we’re completely at their mercy. It used to be the other way around. Programmers and DJs: Get into Real estate! The corporations are finally allowing supposedly subversive, alternative thinking bands to have a loan of money to expose their crusade. We can use them! We can pose as the enemy to infiltrate the mechanics of the system to start its rot from the inside. John Lennon has been my idol all my life, but he’s dead wrong about revolution. Sit on your ass and be beaten! Bullshit! Arm yourself, find a representative of gluttony or oppression and blow the motherfucker head off!

Homage or Ripoff? I don’t care, uh, I don’t know. Seems like finally the appreciation of things are in order. There are a lot of things & bands to be thankful for, yes, and everything sucks. Too many compilations of present day bands paying homage to old influential bands. Six strings, 24 notes that repeat the same scale after 10, usually based on 4/4 time signature, Rock and Roll: 30 years = Exhausted! Ah, the good old days!

Fuck hit records!“ (Kurdt Kobain, professional rock musician)

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